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​​​​​​Relaxation and well being is achieved with a session of complete relaxation focused techniques. The techniques used may be lighter & longer. Ammenities like Aromatherapy and hotstones may be integrated to create a deeper feeling  of calm and internal depth. Techniques like: Swedish massage, and Lomi Lomi massage may be used to achieve this level of well being. 

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        30 minute

          Neck, back

       Feet, Shoulders                   $30

        90 minute

Total Body Massage



Chronic Pains and soreness

Pain relief is one of the major reasons individuals seek massage or manual therapy. This type of massage is formatted to  the person's particular need, with the goal of restoring the person back to their regular functional selves. Pain management treatment may use: Deep pressure, Joint movement, Functional movement treatment, Hot Stones, and a few other methods. 

Relaxation | Chronic pain | Muscle & joint health

Stress and tension are very serious factors affecting our everyday lives. Stressors (affecting you physical and mental well-being) can be brought on by numerous day to day factors from work, home life, academics, injuries and other  conditions. Physical stressors: EX: Headaches, muscle aches, sleep deprivation gastric problems. Mental stressors; Ex. lack of focus, increase in mistakes, emotional outbursts Massage techniques can help calm the mind, and bring focus, as well as treat areas physically affected by stress. 

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             Stress and tension 

Massage  Services

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    Total Body Massage



Well being & Pampering